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Target Center – Acoustical Baffles | Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Target Center is home to the NBA Minnesota Timberwolves and WNBA Minnesota Lynx. A multi-purpose arena in downtown Minneapolis, the arena has a capacity of up to 20,000 for all events.

When it came to doing a renovation of the arena to achieve optimal sound quality, Flyhouse provided the acoustical baffles. The project included installation of over 125,000 square feet of acoustic baffle materials including vertical baffles across the entire ceiling as well as rigid acoustic panels under all the catwalks, on the roof decks, on many of the arena’s columns, and along the concrete ring that runs the perimeter of the venue.

Given the atmosphere the arena needed to convey, it was key to the Target Center that the installed panels would be virtually unnoticeable. The baffles and panels were black allowing them to disappear into the architecture leaving only the superior sound quality behind.

Since Target Center was an active arena, Flyhouse completed all work during third-shift hours after any event took place with the caveat of storing the equipment after the shift was done.

The installation was successful and Target Center events proceeded without any delays in programming.

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