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Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex Arena – Acoustical Baffles | Birmingham, Alabama

The Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex is a multi-purpose arena located in Birmingham, Alabama. Originally designed by the winner of an open architectural competition organized by the American Institute of Architects in 1976, the arena hosts everything from sporting events, concerts, and conventions.

As part of a recent renovation, Flyhouse installed 120,000 square feet of acoustical baffles to enhance the sound quality of the arena; 90,000 square feet of horizontal baffles on the roof deck and 30,000 square feet of vertical baffles.

In order for the installation to take place, Flyhouse needed to build a custom access platform to reach areas a regular boom lift couldn’t from the floor level. The structure was built so the 120 spider lift being used could roll on tracks that would fit in-between the seats to reposition when needed and increase the reach.

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