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Barclays Center – Acoustical Baffles | Brooklyn, New York

The installation of acoustical absorption panel requires advanced planning to meet the coverage percentage agreed upon.

In this case, Flyhouse had to do some major advanced planning. The project required two lifts to be used during installation. There was only one issue; the freight elevators were out of order.

In order for the installation to occur, Flyhouse needed to assemble a suspended scaffolding system to reach areas regular scaffolding or a standalone lift couldn’t. By using a “Tarzan” method (securing lift with a¬†chain hoist, lift up and swing the lift into place after several movements), we were able to get the lift onto the scaffolding.

The scaffolding components were assembled in an empty row of seating with support wires installed from the roof trusses to give access to the ceilings. Lifting wires were then run into the motors of the suspended scaffolding allowing it to be lifted and moved in a controlled swing into a position parallel to the trusses.

When the system was set-up, Flyhouse was able to install the 680 horizontal baffles to cover 68,000 square feet of ceiling to provide effective sound absorption.

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