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Barclays Center – Catwalk System | Brooklyn, New York

As Barclays Center continued improvements on the facility, their general contractor, Hunt Construction, needed a solution to speed up the process and allow for all the different trades to work simultaneously. Given their past experience working with Flyhouse, they knew we were the ones to make the solution possible.

The issue stemmed from noise complaints made by adjacent buildings on the south end of the arena during events. Hunt Construction needed to build a tall and thick acoustical wall made of five layers of ½ inch thick drywall. However, this construction needed to be done without interrupting any planned events.

Knowing that traditional scaffolding would eliminate large portions of seats for an extended period of time, Flyhouse’s solution needed to be moveable and provide flexibility for the project.

The installation of a suspended catwalk system placed over the existing seating area allowed for the system to move up and down through the use of a hoist system in 30 minutes giving the flexibility for all trades to work up to an hour of the opening of planned events.

The installed systems supported a maximum of two scissor lifts (located in different bays), six carpenters and up to three tons of materials and were designed so materials could roll from the freight elevator. There were also two additional bridges that acted as another means of getting people on and off quickly.

The systems were used over an eight-month period and during that time Barclays was able to sell each available seat for all events.

  • barclays-catwalk front view
  • barclays-catwalk side view